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Next step on Laguna Canyon Planning Study

The City of Laguna Beach and consultant MIG will continue their efforts on the Laguna Canyon Planning Study Project on Wednesday, May 17, 2017, during the Planning Commission’s regularly scheduled meeting at 6:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers at City Hall (505 Forest Avenue).  The focus of the planning study is to review zoning and development standards in Laguna Canyon.


MIG will present the final draft report that includes suggested modifications to existing planning documents, including the Laguna Canyon Annexation Area Specific Plan, Sarah Thurston Park Specific Plan and zoning for the areas outside of the specific plans.  Attention has been given to establishing standards for defining key descriptive terms such as rustic, rural and small scale, and potential modifications to zoning districts and development standards.  A copy of the draft report is available to review on the project webpage (link included below).

This meeting and future meetings play an essential role for MIG to obtain direction from the Planning Commission and input from the community regarding the zoning and development issues in Laguna Canyon, and to identify the City’s priorities for the future of the Laguna Canyon area.  The Laguna Canyon Planning Study will be presented as a final draft report to the Planning Commission in a series of three hearings, with a final hearing before the City Council.
For more information on the Laguna Canyon Planning Study Project please visit the project webpage site at:


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